Published peer-reviewed articles

  • Alshwairikh, Y. A., Kroeze S. L., Olsson, J., Stephens-Cardenas, S. A., Swain, W. L., Waits, L. P., Horn, R. L., Narum, S. R., Seaborn, T. Influence of Environmental Conditions at Spawning Sites and Migration Routes on Adaptive Variation and Population Connectivity in Chinook Salmon. 2021. Ecol Evol. ece3.8324.
  • Sommer, N.R.*, Alshwairikh, Y.A.*, Andis Arietta, A.Z., Skelly, D. K., Buchkowski, R.W. Prey metabolic responses to predators depend on predator hunting mode and prey antipredator defenses. 2023. Oikos.

Peer-reviewed articles (in review or in press)

  • Alshwairikh, Y. A.*, Fanton, A. C.*, Prats, K. A., Burak, M. K., Duguid, M. C., Rowland, F. E. Habits and attitudes towards writing affect the publication output of environmental biology trainees.  Under review in Ecosphere
  • Rowland, F. E.*, Prats, K. A.*, Alshwairikh, Y. A, Burak, M. K., Fanton, A. C., Duguid, M. C. Towards a new stable state: Equitably assessing trainee writing productivity post-COVID-19. 2021. Under review in PLoS ONE.

Natural History Notes

  • Alshwairikh, Y. A., Andis Arietta, A.Z., Jordan, S, Messer, K. RANA SYLVATICA (Wood Frog). USA: ALASKA: northwest arctic borough. Geographic Distribution Note. Herpetological Review. 52(3). 202. [PDF]

* These authors contributed equally as co-first authors