Frozen Frogs and Climate Change

As part of the activities of the Yale Peabody Museum’s 26th annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I presented a talk about “Frozen Frogs and Climate Change” live from my lab in New Haven, CT. During the talk, I performed a science demonstration to show how we go from preserved museum tissue samples to extracting DNA! This work was also featured on an article on the Yale Peabody Museum website

That’s What I Call Science! Podcast

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Kate Johnson and featured on the podcast That’s what I call Science! I am featured on Episode 163: AUS meets USA: Yale Part 2. My interview starts at minute 12:53

Episode 168: Harvard Forest That's what I call Science!

A science journey that started with pens, how & why trees twist and bend, how bugs unite us all + how one bug is killing entire forests. Join Dr Kate Johnson for chats with researchers in the Forest. We meet Sophie Everbach,a  PhD student at Harvard who tells us about how trees bend and Lorelei Wolf, an undergraduate student at Harvard College, who tells us about her research on eastern hemlock and the US’s National Science Foundation’s summer program that brought Lorelei and ~ 20 other students to the forest.Show theme music: Kevin MacLeodHost: Kate Johnson (@KatePlantPhys) Production: Ryan SmithMedia & Promotion: Kate Johnson (@KatePlantPhys) 
  1. Episode 168: Harvard Forest
  2. Episode 167: Edible Sound
  3. Episode 166: Making music out of thin air
  4. Episode 165: Antarctica isn’t just about the penguins
  5. Episode 164: Engineering a way to the bottom of the Ocean

Alaska Magazine – April 2022

My collegue A. Z. Andis Arietta wrote a very fun article about our summer 2021 trip to the Alaskan Arctic for the April 2022 issue of Alaska Magazine.