Frozen Frogs and Climate Change

As part of the activities of the Yale Peabody Museum’s 26th annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I presented a talk about “Frozen Frogs and Climate Change” live from my lab in New Haven, CT. During the talk, I performed a science demonstration to show how we go from preserved museum tissue samples to extracting DNA! This work was also featured on an article on the Yale Peabody Museum website

That’s What I Call Science! Podcast

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Kate Johnson and featured on the podcast That’s what I call Science! I am featured on Episode 163: AUS meets USA: Yale Part 2. My interview starts at minute 12:53

Episode 187: When Art and Science Collide That's what I call Science!

Sarah El idrissi is an emerging artist with a passion to uncover the overlap between science and art. Her practice evolves as she dives deeper into the world of science as she completes her artist residency in nipaluna/Hobart. Show theme music: Kevin MacLeodHost: Olly Dove (@littledove440)Co-Host: Emma Hamasaki (@ehamasaki)Production: Hannah Moore (@HannahCMoore)Media & Promotion: Emma (@ehamasaki)
  1. Episode 187: When Art and Science Collide
  2. Episode 186: Feather Boas and Feral Felines
  3. Episode 185: Sea-ing the Big Picture
  4. Episode 184: Tips and tricks from a communication professional
  5. Episode 183: Diving into the mysterious lives of seabirds

Alaska Magazine – April 2022

My collegue A. Z. Andis Arietta wrote a very fun article about our summer 2021 trip to the Alaskan Arctic for the April 2022 issue of Alaska Magazine.